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Are you burning food scented candles right now?

That sweet aroma from the kitchen might not be the oven, but some food scented candles. While there is a running joke about that scented candle gift that goes from person to person, food scented candles seem to be a popular holiday gift. Why are people drawn to that aroma?

For many people, a particular aroma invokes a memory, offers a sense of calm or might even spark a craving. From warm and inviting to invigorating and bright, scents can have a big impact on a space. Whether it is that Cinnabon or even just freshly baked bread, certain aromas just bring smiles.

Recently, more and more companies are offering food scented candles. While some ideas might be a little humorous, others are quite popular. From Dunkin offering a coffee and donuts candle to Dairy Queen having their Blizzard candles, people want their homes to smell like their favorite foods. But, why are these favorite aromas so important?

Certain smells impact emotions. Just like eating a piece of chocolate can bring happiness to some people, a certain smell can make a person happy. All of the senses impact people’s emotions.

Similar to how people are drawn to a favorite color, many people have a preferred scent. From the love of a warm chocolate chip cookie to the pungent freshly brewed coffee, people will seek out those favorite scents. Why shouldn’t a candle smell like that favorite food?

Many brands looking to capture that connection. During the holiday season, there is often an uptick in these food scented candles. From snickerdoodle to hot cocoa, it seems that candle aisle could be confused with the baking aisle.

While many of these food scented candles have become accepted, a few options still make people wonder. From that beef jerky candle to even stadium nachos, those novelties bring the laughs.

In the end, people will always be drawn to food scented candles. While that candle might not be the substitute for grandma’s freshly baked cookies, that candle aroma will bring back those tasty food memories.

Source: Why are we obsessed with food scented candles during the holidays?