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Two chefs brought their culinary skills into a whole new arena when they started creating candles.

At the Kitchen Sink Candle Company,  713A Main St., next to the Town Common, Matt and Elizabeth Landry feature their food-inspired candles as well as numerous other local and handmade items.

“My husband and I have both been chefs for over 20 years, and wanted to bring a new kind of idea into the candle world,” Liz Landry said. “We started with all food-based scents for our candles: Creme brulee, vanilla pumpkin pie, lemon blueberry biscuit, bacon…”

Those candles are on display at the shop along with a variety of other gifts and kitchen items.

“From hand-carved Macawood ladles and spoons, tea towels, mugs, and hand painted wine glasses, we wanted to bring in all of our products from small business owners like us,” Liz said. “Each of our products has a correlating bio with who makes it, how they got started and the types of products that they use.”

Liz said their candles are also handmade.

“We do everything by hand from start to finish. We wick our jars, pour our own candles, mix our scents and label our own jars,” she said. “We use soy wax, which is a much cleaner burning candle that does not release any harmful chemicals when burned.  A lot of cheaper candles are made using paraffin wax, which is a petroleum based candle, so you’re basically burning oil and benzene.”

And breathing in the creative scents is also free of things that sneak into some products.

“Our scents are all phthalate free, which is the alleged cancer causing agent in scented oils.  We use cotton core wicks in all of our candles, so we are not burning any zinc like many other candle wicks use,” Liz said.

A display at Kitchen Sink Candle Co. offers a variety of gift options.

That approach is also used in choosing other items for sale in the store.

“For our bath and body products, we wanted to use as many natural and chemical free products that we could find. We have a local artist from Arlington, who makes all of her own cold-processed soaps and sugar scrubs.

“We also have a vendor that is all vegan, natural and chemical-free. Our men’s line is petroleum free, natural, high quality products that are all made in the USA. We wanted to provide clean, natural bath products to both men and women,” Liz said.

Liz said the business started from inspiration on a road trip.

“Matt and I were on a two-week road trip, and down in New Orleans we were at a farmer’s market. We saw a woman who was making her own candles and I was immediately excited by the idea of making our own,” Liz said.

They started producing candles 2½ years ago, initially selling online before they recently deicide to open a brick-and-mortar store.

The couple doesn’t just cook up candles.

“We will both always be chefs as it is part of our identity. Matt is working full time at the shop, and I am still working at Wegman’s (where they met). It used to be a sideline gig, but we are hoping that it can become our full-time business for both of us,” Liz said.

Reflecting on the business, Liz said, “Our candles are natural and clean, which are better for the environment in general. They do not release any harmful chemicals into the air like some cheaper candles do.

“As for the home environment, it brings such warmth into their homes. Whether it’s candles that are food based and create warmth and delicious smells, or herbal, floral candles that are cleansing and detoxifying, every scent has a different effect on people,” she added.

“The thing we love about candles is how much scent can trigger memories or happiness.  There are so many different emotions that can be brought on by scent, and we love to be able to bring those memories and feelings to life,” Liz said.

For information, call (978) 779-2721.

Source: Candles get their scent from chef’s inspirations in Bolton’s new business