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What Is Immersive Multisensory Meditation? Here’s How One Session Totally Blew My Mind

As a yoga teacher, I meditate on a pretty regular basis. So, naturally, I was curious to see how immersive meditation would change my view on traditional mindfulness. Meditation is loosely defined as giving your attention to only one thing to achieve total relaxation and mental bliss. Combine this sacred Hindu tradition with modern technology, and you get a breathtaking room full of LED lights projecting a soothing voice to lead you through a guided meditation.

Source: What Is Immersive Meditation? Here’s How One Session Totally Blew My Mind

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Why does the lizard stick his tongue out? The lizard sticks its tongue out because that’s the way its listening and looking and tasting its environment. It’s its means of appreciating what’s in front of it.

— William Shatner