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Vivid is well and truly full of surprises this year and we think this one is one of the best ones yet!

This Vivid, 12-Micron in Barangaroo has teamed up with Perrie-Jouët and they are hosting a dinner experience of a life time, with an immersive and multi-sensory dining experience inspired by Art of the Wild.

Barangaroo has quickly become one of the hottest spots in Sydney and it’s not hard to see why!

12-Micron’s private dining room and bar has been transformed into a stunning light exhibition where the brands will host a dining in the dark series to artfully combine gastronomy, music, art and light.

The dining in the dark experience has already kicked off and will be on until the 15th of June, the spots are available to book at 7:30pm every Thursday to Sunday night during Vivid.

Diners will immerse themselves in the display by starting off in the pre-dinner champagne bar overlooking the harbour with Sydney’s top local DJ talent setting the mood.

Guided by 12-Micron’s ‘sense whisperers’, diners will be presented with 6 stunning courses, each one expertly matched to Perrier- Jouët Champagne for $190pp.

You will even be blind folded to enjoy the first bite and first sip of the glass that matches your course, so you get the full experience!

Then with each course, once the blind fold is taking off, be prepared to be transformed into a magical light experience!

The menu, designed by 12-Micron’s Executive Chef Daniel Corbett will use darkness to heighten diner’s senses of taste, smell and sound to play with the flavours of the food and Champagne to deliver an incredibly unique dining experience.

We were lucky enough to go to the dining experience and oh boy, this is not one yo want to miss out on.