“The idea is to reach a space and point of reference which they can connect to and are also familiar with. So, I made them visualize a temple, its architecture, the parikrama, and then made them touch lines, helping them form shapes, like squares and rectangles, which the artist had created on canvas, to give them a feel of the work and the artist’s inspirations,” said Shah, who took the students through 12 paintings.

Associating the sense of smell and sound to explain the many elements of a work, be it a peacock, a woman wearing gajra, the smell of sweet as well as wild flowers, rough parts of a tree. “They loved feeling the features of a face, and connecting the works with their own life and experiences,” added Shah.

Source: Visually-challenged kids touch, smell paintings at art exhibition in Chandigarh | The Indian Express

Random sensory quotes

I’ve always had an overwhelming desire to express a particular set of ideas. As a musician, I’m always working with different people who can teach me new things and, through that, reach closer to an idea of this perfect expression. I’m never setting out to change the face of electronic music; I’m just trying to define this vision.

— Tycho