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“The idea is to reach a space and point of reference which they can connect to and are also familiar with. So, I made them visualize a temple, its architecture, the parikrama, and then made them touch lines, helping them form shapes, like squares and rectangles, which the artist had created on canvas, to give them a feel of the work and the artist’s inspirations,” said Shah, who took the students through 12 paintings.

Associating the sense of smell and sound to explain the many elements of a work, be it a peacock, a woman wearing gajra, the smell of sweet as well as wild flowers, rough parts of a tree. “They loved feeling the features of a face, and connecting the works with their own life and experiences,” added Shah.

Source: Visually-challenged kids touch, smell paintings at art exhibition in Chandigarh | The Indian Express

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— Virginia Woolf