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AppScent, an Israeli start-up company, is working on this wellness treatment that could be an alternative to the CPAP.

AppScent, an Israeli start-up company is working on a sleep apnea solution that uses scent. The company, in association with Weizmann Institute of Science, has worked to create a non-invasive medical device that combines long-distance remote sensors and unique scents to indicate sleep apnea and prevent it from happening.

The external symptoms of sleep apnea include snoring, dry mouth  and headaches—and the disorder can lead to much more dangerous situations such as increased risj of high blood pressure, stroke, heart malfunction, obesity, diabesity and more.

The idea is based on research that shows humans smell while they are sleeping. When the brain indicates a new fragrance, it starts breathing through the nose. This instinctive reaction renews the respiration process. One of the main advantages is said to tbe that the restoration of the respiration process happens without disruption of the sleeping cycle. In this way, the device does not wake the patient and enables better, more continuous sleep. More goods news for partners? This includes the person that sleeps beside the patient, according to AppScent.

AppScent says it will conduct overall research with the biggest health organization in Israel, Clalit Health Services; Clalit plans to implement the new device in its sleeping labs. Further, the company says it has already signed distribution agreements across Canada and with a few countries in Europe.

Source: Using Scent For Sleep Apnea | HAPPI