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Educational Publisher Twinkl is launching a range of nose-talgic candles that will bring fond memories of your school-days wafting back.

School Scents consists of six different classroom-themed scented candles, which can be purchased together or as individually. They make the perfect present for the teacher in your life or to bring a friend or family member back to the good old days of primary school.

Twinkl’s exciting new range includes memory-jogging scents from your time at school such as:

  • Wet Paper Towels 
  • Lost School Jumpers 
  • Cold Tea
  • PE Kits
  • The Pain Of Lost Glue Lids
  • Tears Of An Ofsted Inspector

Each comes with a unique smell crafted by the teaching experts at Twinkl. Will you choose, for instance, the Wet Paper Towels candle? According to the Twinkl store, this candle “has all the mystical healing properties of the wonderful wet paper towels you remember from the school nurse’s office. The epitome of love and care, light this candle to soothe any situation. Headache? Stick a wet paper towel on it! Grazed knee from the playground? Wet paper towel! Broken arm? Hold a wet paper towel to it while we call home. This candle has the same calming effect and we can’t wait for you to smell it.”

Source: Twinkl Introduces: School Scents Candles – Rekindle A Memory – FE News