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One woman tried a very exclusive perfume to help attract men—so exclusive, it can only be found in her own underpants.

Yup, that’s right: She rubbed her own vaginal fluids on her wrists in an effort to attract the opposite sex.

Author Rachel Khona set out to see if the scent of her secretions would have men flocking to her and detailed her experience in a recent Medium post. Khona wrote that she’s somewhat of a vagina experiment connoisseur, which made this latest escapade a natural fit for her.

The theory goes that pheromones in down-there scents play a role in attraction. Khona—setting off for “uncharted territory”—first “wore” only her vaginal juices and later added a touch of her favorite store-bought perfume.

But Christine Greves, MD, an ob-gyn with Orlando Health System in Florida, isn’t buying it. Pheromones have been largely studied as they affect visual and sexual attraction—but they haven’t been researched in vaginal fluid, she tells Health. “Overall, there isn’t much scientific backing on this. This is not something I would ever recommend.”

Turns out, Khona may not be recommending vagina perfume either. Aside from a few smiles and extra door holdings, she really didn’t have much to report. To her disappointment, men didn’t come running from the hills to get a whiff—and she doesn’t have plans to bottle her own scent anytime soon.

“If swarms of men had fallen at my feet, I would have felt differently,” Khona wrote. Instead, she came to the conclusion that the best way to attract men is to “get a life” and to “drink, dance, and be merry.”

It’s also not exactly sanitary, Dr. Greves points out. Vaginal fluids, like many bodily fluids, can contain germs—although there hasn’t been a scientific study on whether or not it’s possible to spread germs via vagina perfume. Still, she says, “I can’t say it’s horrible to do either. To each his own!” Or in this case, hers.

Source: This Woman Used Her Own Vaginal Fluids as Perfume to Try to Attract Men