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Homesick’s New York City candle will bring the scents of the Big Apple into your home. It retails for $34.
Want the scent of New York City in your home?

Candle-making company Homesick has done it.

The company has created a candle that burns the distinctive smells of the Big Apple as well as other states and big cities across the United States.

Homesick’s motto is “It takes a community to make a candle.” That why Homesick visits each place it creates a candle and speaks to 30 to 100 people and collecting samples. Homesick then tries hundreds of different scent combinations, checking back in with the community along the way until we’ve found the perfect balance; an authentic fragrance that will also smell great in your home.

The New York City candle (check out the photo at the top of this story) is a combination of the distinctive scents of spring days in Central Park, fine department stores and concrete capture the energy of the greatest city on earth. It retails for $34.

The company says the NYC candle’s top notes are bergamot, lemon and grapefruit; the mid notes are jasmine, concrete, water lilies and the base notes are oakmoss, sandalwood and musk.

The glass candle jar is reusable when the wax is all gone.

Homesick Candles

The Pennsylvania candle from Homesick Candles is $34. (Homesick Candles)

If New York City isn’t your smell, how about PennsylvaniaMassachusettsHawaii or Miami?

There’s even a Friday Night Football candle for high school sports fans.

Of course, each candle is made from different ingredients to capture the distinctive smell of each place.

But candle lovers will surely want to own one of these candles.

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