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This Candle Combines ‘Squid Game’ and Other Defining 2021 Moments for an Interesting Smell

Yes, you read that right. In case you weren’t already surrounded by Squid Game memes, cast appearances, and videos, you can now buy a scented candle that promises to smell like the hit Netflix K-drama (among other interesting aromas).

The smell comes as part of “The 2021 Scent” candle from Flaming Crap, a home business based in the UK that aims to provide social commentary and satire through its candles. It has previously released a scented candle for the year 2020, which purportedly brings people on a “sensual journey” through one of the wildest years ever with scents like banana bread, hand sanitizer, and a Tiger King aftershave. Other candles include “Dismantle the Patriarchy” and “85% of CEOs are White Men.”
This year, Framing Crap’s new multilayered candle includes a whole new array of scents to cap off the year of 2021, and even it finds itself hopping on the Squid Game hype train.
The 2021 Scent

So what the heck does a ‘Squid Game’ candle smell like?

Squid Game is defined by many elements. There’s the scathing commentary on capitalism, the universal appeal of children’s games with life-or-death stakes, not to mention some disturbing violence. Luckily, the Squid Game scent of the candle doesn’t smell like any of that (not to mention Flaming Crap already has a Capitalism candle). The Squid Game candle comes with a reasonably pleasant honeycomb scent, inspired by the second game of the show.

In Season 1 Episode 3, “The Man with the Umbrella,” the players of Squid Game participate in the ppopgi game where they must etch out the shape of a dalgona (honeycomb candy) without breaking the shape. Of all the scents one could choose to represent Squid Game, that would easily be the most agreeable.
A scent like this wouldn’t be that far off from an authentic Squid Game experience either. According to a behind-the-scenes interview with actress Jung Ho-yeon (who portrayed Kang Sae-byeok), the set during the filming of that episode smelled like dalgona from top to bottom.
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“The honeycomb instructor was constantly making the honeycomb in the background,” Jung recalled, fondly remembering filming the episode. “The film set smelled like honeycomb all day long.”

If nothing else, Flaming Crap’s Squid Game scent comes with a degree of accuracy. If you’ve ever wanted your house to smell like the Squid Game set (for some reason), then this is the candle for you.

Berries and Cream Boy TikTok

SOURCE: YOUTUBEThe “Berries and Cream” guy on TikTok

What else does the Flaming Crap 2021 candle smell like?

Squid Game may be one of the most memorable cultural events of the year, but Flaming Crap’s 2021 candle does feature multiple layers of other notable scents from throughout these 10 months so far.

Aside from the smell of honeycomb, the candle also features a “berries and cream” scent from the TikTok trend of the summer, a “clinical tinge of vaccines” as a reference to the COVID-19 vaccine rollout, and a #FreeBritney scent reminiscent of Britney Spears’ “Fantasy” fragrance.

Source: This Candle Combines ‘Squid Game’ and Other Defining 2021 Moments for an Interesting Smell