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What’s better than the smell of bacon as it sizzles in a pan? Now you can carry that scent around with you all day long thanks to Candy Couture California. The site, which recently launched at the end of November, features a vast collection of scented t-shirts for children and adults.

The founder, Sara Kissing, explains that the process of infusing scents into the printing process is very difficult to perfect which is what makes it such a unique concept.

These high quality fabric t-shirts are paired with original artwork that perfectly matches up to each scent.

With over 17 scents available, there is something for everyone. Kids will delight in the sweet smell of cotton candy or strawberry. Gift your favorite yogi with a lavender scented shirt. Snuggle in with the scent of fresh cup of coffee or surprise a car enthusiast with a shirt infused with motor oil and gasoline. There’s even a pine scented shirt for the holidays.

Packaged beautifully in a posh and sassy, black and glossy resealable bag, with proper care, these t-shirts will hold their scent for about 15 washes. Even when the scent starts to fade, this gift will be talked about for years.

These scented specialty garments are available only at Candy Couture California, starting at $80.

—Jennifer Swartvagher

Photos courtesy of Candy Couture

Source: There’s a T-Shirt That Smells Like Bacon & You Can Buy It Right Now