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a tumblr-based, research design platform which creates generative illustrations with the use of code has captured the sound of the sun in a unique audiovisual artwork. the illustration is the latest in a project created by ‘thedotisblack’ platform, which uses NASA research to explore audiovisuals related to planets, stars and space.

the sound of the sun as recorded in a unique audiovisual using processing techniques

to create these drawings ‘thedotisblack‘ uses mainly sound recordings taken directly from NASA, ESA or any other institute conducting research projects in space. for the majority, sounds are taken from the voyager 1 & 2 space probes as they passed near the different planetary and moon bodies within the solar system. these recordings are captured in the form of ‘electromagnetic vibrations’ are then processed into sounds using a specially designed plasma wave science instrument. the instrument works by sensing waves of electrons in the ionized gas or ‘plasma’ that voyagers travel through….