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The person behind what is now a multi-million dollar industry is Farah Abassi, CEO of leading scent marketing company, Aroma360. It was her passion for beautiful fragrances and the desire to find a healthy way to reliably convey a crafted aroma that was the inspiration behind what was, 17 years ago, a unique and innovative start-up. Fast forward to the present and that same company counts global giants such as Ferrari and Four Seasons Hotels & Resorts amongst its valued customers.

As commercial scenting becomes more widely understood, businesses of all kinds are beginning to realize the power of a signature aroma to provide a distinct message, not only to their customers but also their staff. Research continues to prove how scent affects mood, behaviors, and creates a link between the aroma and a brand or product and that is why numerous companies are embracing the very distinct art of scent marketing.

Commercial Scenting: The Advantages

Scent triggers powerful emotions within the brain, and these emotions transpire into certain human behaviors. The careful formulation of a particular fragrance can provide a subtle message to those who experience it, and therefore encourage actions such as an increased likelihood to purchase or to linger in a certain place, a reduction in anxiety and stress, the association of luxury, and even create an environment more conducive to learning.

Once the power of fragrance is understood it becomes clear as to the type of business premises that can utilize commercial scenting to their advantage. Of course, the hotel and leisure industries have long championed such features, with names such as The Atlantis Hotel in Paradise Island, and the Borgata Hotel and Casino being prime examples. The luxury automobile industry also employs the concept, and some of the biggest names in retail (Starbucks, Nike, Abercrombie & Fitch) are famed for their signature scents.

Commercial scenting can also be advantageous in slightly less obvious industries. These include smaller retail premises—such as high-end boutique brands—independent food and beverage outlets, as well as tourist locations. It’s even used within office buildings to promote a sense of well-being in staff and create the ultimate atmosphere for increased productivity.

Effective, Flexible, Safe Commercial Scenting Solutions

The key to effective commercial scenting is that of a completely safe and healthy medium delivered by a system that provides a uniform fragrance to the whole area. In addition, minimal upkeep and easy operation are essential to fit in with today’s fast-paced business environment.

Aroma360 has channeled state-of-the-art technology to provide companies with a variety of options to suit their scenting requirements. These ensure effective fragrance delivery of a single room to an entire building. Using cold air diffusion technology and offering up to a year’s worth of aromatic capacity, such user-friendly commercial scent machines make scenting easy to implement in a business of any size.

The Museum360 covers a huge 6,000sq.ft of space harnessing the power of existing HVAC (heating, ventilation, and air conditioning) connections. Suitable for the largest of areas, this model offers pre-select scent concentration and boasts a simple-to-use internal digital timer.

For areas of up to 1,800sq.ft the VanGough360 offers the same high-level scenting features yet provides the ease and convenience of a stand-alone module. This hybrid unit offers both fan-assisted coverage as well as the ability to connect to an HVAC system.

The DaVinci360 provides even and consistent coverage for areas up to 800sq.ft. For smaller spaces or offices, the Mini360 is recommended to effortlessly fragrance an area of up to 400sq.ft.

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Source: The Company That Created The Art Of Commercial Scenting