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Bert Church High School art students present The Art of Noise exhibit in APL’s Makerspace. Photo courtesy of Airdrie Public Library JPG, AI

Patrons of Airdrie Public Library (APL) will know that we exhibit art on our walls year-round, more than 300 pieces, in fact.

It’s something libraries do as the natural cultural hub of a community, and here in Airdrie, as in many smaller Alberta communities, it’s one of the few imperfect but large spaces available to local artists.

One of the really cool revolving exhibits we host is art from local high schools, which is displayed in the Makerspace.

Throughout the year, you will find a huge variety of artwork presented in many different mediums from WH Croxford, St. Martin de Porres, George McDougall, and Bert Church high school students.

This November and December, Bert Church Art 20/30 students present The Art of Noise, unique pieces that express the student’s colour experiences through their favorite songs.

A write-up for the display explains – “The experience of colour as we usually understand it is a visual one: objects have colour, and we can recall a colour in our minds’ eye.

But for some people, colour is a more multi-sensory affair, linked to sound, texture, taste or shapes.

Music has a hue – like the parping of a trumpet that evokes a shower of burnt orange.”

This neurological phenomenon is called Synaesthesia; if you don’t have it, it sounds strange, like the straining of an overactive imagination.”

But if you’re part of the estimated 4% of the population who are synesthetes, such descriptions are as obvious and natural as the sky being blue and the grass being green.”

Synaesthesia is best described as the union of the senses; one sensory experience involuntarily, and consistently, prompts another.”

There are up to 70 different types – from tasting the time to smelling a symphony – although the most common involve colour.”

Stop by and experience this colourful sensory-driven exhibit for yourself.

Also, on display in the main space is the artwork and accompanying writings from the Voice and Vision 2019 project.

For more information on any of the library’s programs and services, visit, call 403-948-0600 or drop by the library.

Source: Library Links – The art of noise | Goderich Signal Star