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Tanya Sirohi 

How can food so small trigger a big appetite? We spoke to different miniature food artists to understand what goes in to ‘baking’ a trend that continues to rule the internet, and one that has left us drooling.

Miniature food


Was that tiny pav bhaji you just saw online edible? Wait, what about that thumbnail-sized plate of clay spaghetti be so deceivingly detailed? Why are so many tiny food videos trending on YouTube? These are legit questions to have when our timelines are inundated with miniature food that’s made with polymer clay, plastic and sometimes edible. And you if you find yourself falling head-over-food in love with this trend, you are not alone. This food has amassed thousands of fans worldwide.

Apparently there’s even a term for folks who create tiny objects: Miniacs. For those of us who are forever obsessed with food, miniacs give us our daily fix of drooling over their lovingly carved tiny food servings. There’s something satisfying about watching clunky human hands trying to work around food no bigger than a coin or a thimble.

Where it all began.

Our fascination with tiny things begins from childhood, we have our tiny kitchenettes – the small ladles, pots and pans. Growing up, not much changes. As adults, our fascination with tiny toys continues, some of us label it a hobby.

Source: Miniature Food Is Having A Moment, And We Love It!