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As game technology advances we are experiencing a merging of the senses. Jem Alexander talks to legendary developer Tetsuya Mizuguchi about the integration of music in games and how that will evolve with VR.

Tetsuya Mizuguchi has a unique perspective on the role of music in video games. Many of his titles, like Lumines and Child of Eden, have a strong emphasis on interactive soundscapes, with players affecting the music through their actions.

Mizuguchi strives to create a deeper level of synchronicity between the player and the soundtrack with his games. Experiences that are a step removed from the more traditional rhythm-based titles you find in the music genre.

“The majority of music games fall into the category of ‘rhythm based’ or ‘time based’,” Mizuguchi says. “That’s not where my interest is. Rather, it’s more about how the layering of music with visuals changes the world that you’re in. And that becomes an experience in and of itself.”…..

Source: Develop