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Tactile, scented works tickle viewers’ senses

The senses are the target of a new exhibition by two London artists.

Strand Fine Art Services is hosting an exhibition of new works by David Bobier and Leslie Putnam opening Friday and continuing until Dec. 2. Bobier, known for his multi-sensory work, focuses on touch and smell in this new work.

“(Bobier’s) pyrographic drawings of circular shapes from nature such as tree cross-sections and graphic visualizations of dolphin sounds are quite tactile,” said Andrew Smyth, gallery co-owner.

“They are created by literally burning the image into the paper. Another series of drawings tickles your olfactory senses. Beeswax mixed with spices like cinnamon and turmeric trigger deep-seated memories.”

Putnam’s new works were inspired by antique botanical drawings at the British Library in London, England.

“She cleverly and carefully sculpts with paper and watercolour a beautiful series of botanical drawing/low relief sculptures,” Smyth said.

“A second series of free standing sculptures in mixed media depict fantastical close-up details of real or imagined plant parts. Is that what they are?”

Source: Tactile, scented works tickle viewers’ senses | The London Free Press