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In 2017, Miami Arts Charter Wynwood student Thalia Cardenas won first place and $2,500 for her “Cascada 1st” at the Art of Aromas Scholarship competition hosted by Doctor Aromas Foundation. Her work was made entirely of crochet, a skill Thalia’s grandmother taught her. Crochet thread holds a scent for a long time.

The season of flower and perfume giving is almost upon us. Scent, as we know, can calm us, invigorate us, inspire us.

For 140 students at Miami Arts Charter Wynwood, scent must be included in their creations in a competition for scholarship funds from Doctor Aromas Foundation, a local non-profit with a focus on “fragrance research and its application as part of the creative process.”

The Art of Aromas Scholarship competition continues the idea of an olfactory element in art to students in grades 10-12. Before beginning their creations, the MAC Wynwood students each received a special edition Doctor Aromas scent to inspire them.

The name and formulation of the fragrance is top secret and will be unveiled at the competition event Jan. 31.

“We believe fragrance can inspire so many aspects of our lives,” Violeta Horne at Doctor Aromas said. “We hope that participating students will find inspiration in this delightful scent and bring an entire new dimension to their artwork.

“The creation of fragrances is a craft that has been passed down through centuries around the world and today is recognized as a true art form.”

Judges this year include curator Mali Parkerson, and gallery owner Troy Taylor along with expert perfumer Arnaud Winter.

“We are delighted to bring students and admirers of art alike the opportunity to experience and enjoy the added element of an olfactory experience in the enjoyment of art,” Visual Art Director of MAC Wynwood Gary Logan said.

The Doctor Aromas Foundation has presented more than $16,000 in scholarships. You can learn more at and see past winners and projects.

Source: Students to use scent in artwork for Doctor Aroma competition | Miami Herald