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Raydiant has partnered with Soundtrack Your Brand to take the customer experience beyond the visual screen with custom music playlists that are easy to manage anytime from anywhere.

SAN FRANCISCOJune 18, 2020 /PRNewswire/ — Raydiant introduces a strategic partnership with Soundtrack Your Brand to provide a complete, unforgettable experience for customers. Soundtrack Your Brand provides the world’s largest catalog of popular music curated by genre and mood. Users can create or select customized playlists to create a signature vibe in their space and coordinate with digital signage. Playlists can be pre-programmed or managed from anywhere via the Soundtrack Your Brand app. Pairing customized digital signage and music drives sales, draws traffic, folds customers into the experience and keeps them coming back.

“Partnering with Soundtrack Your Brand is a natural fit for Raydiant, and one that we’re excited about,” says Bobby Marhamat, Raydiant’s CEO. “It allows us to offer businesses a multi-dimensional, multi-sensory experience for their in-location customers. This immersive experience, crafted by unique signage content and curated playlists, connects consumers with a brand—a process proven to increase revenue and create repeat customers.”

Users can integrate Soundtrack Your Brand with digital signage from Raydiant by plugging the ScreenRay device into their TV screen and pairing with the Soundtrack Your Brand app. Once up and running, they can choose to display cover art, album name, or song title on screens as each song plays. Those who only want music can use the Soundtrack Your Brand app in Audio Only Mode, which doesn’t require purchase of a monthly Raydiant subscription; users will pay only for the Soundtrack Your Brand subscription. If the need for digital signage arises later, they can switch to a Raydiant subscription, which includes use of the app as well as a full digital signage dashboard.

“Offering the ‘Audio Mode only’ subscription of Soundtrack Your Brand allows Raydiant to support customers who aren’t ready to scale to a full-experience, dimensional platform, but still wish to improve their in-location customer experience in a perceptible way,” says Marhamat. “Once customers see its benefits—like playing, scheduling, and updating playlists through our plug-and-play device and remote interface—they typically are interested to learn about the other tools Raydiant offers.”

Using Raydiant with Soundtrack Your Brand takes the guesswork out of two major in-store marketing needs: attractive promotional displays and engaging background music. And with Raydiant’s easy-to-install hardware and easy-to-use software (a cloud-based system accessed via the internet), users will be up and running in minutes. The Soundtrack Your Brand app groups music by genre, sound, and business, so users can easily set custom playlists that perfectly pair with their signage and their brand. Plus, the app filters out explicit language from all soundtracks, for worry-free listening.

Playlists are curated by professionals and designed to generate energy levels to fit the mood, time of day, and special events. Users can pre-program, edit, add, and remove sections in moments, and remotely, from any internet-connected device. Businesses have a choice between professionally curated and fully self-customized playlists. There are no usage limits, and users can add as much content as they want.

“Branding doesn’t stop with what customers see—it reaches out to all their senses, creating a congruous experience for them when they enter a space. Good branding lets customers know they’re in the right place and connects them to a brand through positive experiences that gain their loyalty,” says Ola Sars, CEO & Founder. “With Raydiant and Soundtrack Your Brand, businesses can design unique, immersive in-store experiences that engage customers and keep them coming back.”

Source: Raydiant Announces Strategic Partnership with B2B Music Service, Soundtrack Your Brand – Going Beyond Digital Signage to Create a Unique and Unforgettable Customer Experience | 2020-06-18 | Press Releases | Stockhouse