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Sony has some splendid plans for making upcoming PlayStation 5 more ‘immersive’ and realistic. A recent patent published at USPTO reveals about the new VR glove which can convey a sense of touch with its sensory systems. The VR gloves with haptic feedback will create another dimension to feel “touch” while playing games. In other words, users can feel the texture of clothes and can feel every object with their hands.

sony vr glove

The patent was filed back in September 2016. According to the patent description, the dynamic gloves convey a sense of touch and movement for virtual objects in HMD (Head-Mounted Display) rendered environments. The glove also carries a camera for detecting a location of the glove device in real space and a location of the HMD. There are many other sensory-equipments which will facilitate the sense of feeling in the glove.

Sony has plans to use the haptic device in different clothing worn by a user such as a glove, a hat, footwear, pants or shirt. It can also bring a sense of feeling in the head mounted display device. Sony describes the patent as:

A system and method of using a peripheral device for interfacing with a virtual reality scene generated by a computer for presentation on a head mounted display. The peripheral device includes a haptic device capable of being placed in contact with a user and a haptic feedback controller for processing instructions for outputting a haptic signal to the haptic device. The haptic feedback controller receiving the instructions from the computer so that haptic feedback of the haptic device changes to correspond to a user’s virtual interactions with a virtual object in the virtual reality scene as presented on the head mounted display.

The company has recognized various other uses of the VR glove using different systems like temperature control, compressed gas and liquid control, a motor, etc. The user would be able to feel the texture, shape of a virtual object, the intensity of pressure, movement away and nearing the object.

The whole new system would work with PSVR to bring in the touch feedback. It is expected to take place in the upcoming products from Sony.

Source: Sony patents VR glove that convey a sense of touch for PSVR – Gizmochina