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Small NC town is creating a ‘scent bank’ with the smells of its citizens

One small eastern NC town has begun collecting the smells of its population, for the creation of a “scent bank.”It’s voluntary program and non-invasive, requiring only a wipe of exposed skin and underarms with a piece of sterile gauze, he said. Still, Southerland noted this week that not one person has stepped up to be the first person in the bank. He believes they’re thinking if over.

“If people are not comfortable with us holding their scent, they can keep it themselves at home,” he said. “The difference is we can keep it from being contaminated.”

Social media response has been largely favorable to the idea, though Facebook poster Danny Tilghman couldn’t help but wonder: “How long before the ACLU starts crying about this?”

Missing children and lost adults with cognitive issues are the ones who’ll most likely benefit from the “Find My Family” program, the chief said. Each person’s scent is as unique as their DNA, making scent critical for searches involving police dogs.

Source: Small NC town is creating a ‘scent bank’ with the smells of its citizens | Charlotte Observer

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