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Stems of roses, lilies and carnation mixed with jasmine, spring cherry blossoms and leafy greens to create the perfect bouquet. Can be found at Copper Blossom in Edinburgh.

Scottish pub and restaurant group, Signature Pub Group, has introduced a range of scents to its 20 bars around Scotland, designed to give each venue its very own unique atmosphere.

The fragrances have been handpicked and tailored to each location to create an evocative and memorable sensory experience. Guests can discover scents such as rich mahogany, smoky grapefruit, patchouli and vetiver at cocktail bar and restaurant, The Spiritualist in Glasgow and blue cotton candy, peach nectar and creamy vanilla at late night bar Paramount in Aberdeen.

Each venue’s atmosphere, name, clientele and menu were considered when developing the scents that have been introduced to appeal to one of our strongest senses, smell.

In Edinburgh, at Copper Blossom bar and restaurant on George Street, its fresh contemporary décor, cocktail loving clientele and floral name were the inspiration for the perfect bouquet of freshly cut roses, lilies, spring cherry blossoms and leafy greens.

At Badger & Co. on Edinburgh’s Castle Street, pepperwood, white roses of Scotland, fresh green citrus and sensual amber great guests as they wander into the former home of Wind and the Willows writer, Kenneth Grahame.

In The Queen’s Arms, with its traditional pub atmosphere that welcomes locals and visitors alike, there’s no smell of stale beer here, just the universally-loved notes of vanilla and sandalwood which have been introduced to appeal to the bar’s clientele.

Louise Maclean, Director of Sales and Marketing at Signature Pub Group said: “Signature Pub Group invests heavily into curating the perfect customer experience, and the Signature Scents are a key part of the overall package. Each of our venues are totally unique and we’ve had great fun choosing the individual Signature Scents to fit perfectly with the atmosphere and offering.”

Signature Pub Group worked in collaboration with ScentAir to develop its range of scents. ScentAir is a worldwide scent marketing firm that specialises in scent marketing and developing full sensory experiences.

The specially designed technology has been developed to distribute the optimal amount of fragrance to welcome guests, but not to overpower them and cloud their dining experience.

Louise Maclean went on to say:

“Each of the venues welcome customers with the perfect amount of fragrance making them feel comfortable, fully immersing them into the venue’s atmosphere, but not overpowering them.”

Source: Signature scents for Scottish bars – Deadline News