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Sensorwake night and day diffuser. Image Credit: Sensorwake/Maison Berger Paris

Maison Berger Paris, the owner of olfactory startup Bescent, is launching a multisensory sleep companion — a new version of its scent-based alarm clock.

Maison Berger Paris, a 120-year-old French fragrance company, acquired Bescent last March. The startup was founded by then-17-year-old Guillaume Rolland, creator of the Sensorwake alarm clock that wakes you with fragrance. Rolland won a Google Science Fair in 2014 and nabbed two Innovation Awards at previous CES shows.

Now Maison Berger Paris is exhibiting at CES 2020, bringing a number of scents it says will help you fall asleep or wake up refreshed in the morning, along with a fragrance bar for a sensory experience. The booth will be part of Eureka Park, the CES hub for innovation with more than 1,200 startups this year.

The merger has enabled Maison Berger Paris to invest and grow its tech business. The multisensory alarm clock reportedly helps you fall asleep and improves the quality of your sleep through an olfactory system of dry fragrance diffusion, which does not rely on heat and is completely airtight and noiseless. The solution is based on the use of fragrance capsules that are detected and analyzed by the device, which then activates the appropriate fragrance in the morning or evening and indicates the optimal time for capsule replacement.

The capsules last for 30 uses and are available in four versions from the Maison Berger Paris Aroma collection: Dream, which has a delicate amber scent for a restful night, plus three invigorating fragrances, including Energy, which features fresh notes.

Each fragrance capsule is tracked with a radio frequency identification tag, which helps the company determine when it needs replacing. The tech uses a dry diffusion process with no liquid, and the capsule is patented.

The product has “been designed to make your bedroom a sanctuary and to respect each user’s privacy and sleep patterns,” the company said. The diffuser will cost $100 and be available around September 2020.

Source: Maison Berger Paris’ alarm clock will put you to sleep and wake you with fragrances