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The sense of smell is closely linked to memory, and trying to hunt down the perfect candle  scent that can bring that wave of nostalgia into your life can be a challenge. But what if you could create a custom scent that perfectly captures that special moment in your life each time you light it? Joanne and her cousin Michelle hope to do just that with their hand-poured soy candle company, Sent Studio.

You will start off by taking a quiz that tells them the who’s, what’s and why’s of your memory and desired scent. Perhaps you want a sweet reminder of your wedding day, a tropical vacation or a dessert your grandma used to bake. Sent Studio will then use your answers and create a bespoke candle with a custom label and fragrance notes.

On top of the custom candle service, there are also a number of signature scents available. Choose from the rich and creamy affogato candle, the refreshing summer iced tea candle, the musky sandalwood and myrrh candle and plenty others. Head to the Instagram page and browse the current collection of signature candles.

The candles are created in small batches using sustainable materials and are packed in boxes made from recycled fibres and they’re sealed with water-activated tape. The only plastic materials used by Sent Studio are the adhesive on the candle labels and wick stickers, but they’re currently on the hunt for greener alternatives. Not only will your candle purchase have minimal impact on the environment, but some of the proceeds are also donated towards projects that help our planet thrive – including organisations that are working to restore reefs and keep our oceans clean.

The company will launch on September 12, so keep an eye on the website and be one of the first to get a customised candle.

Source: Sent Studio wants to make candle scents linked to your memories