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Recently, a study was conducted that proved that the smell of the male body acts on the woman is a good sedative.

During this experiment, women were given to smell a few t-shirts. Among them were those, who for several days was wearing their favorite men. And t-shirt with a neutral smell, and the smell of washing powder. The study showed that the scent of the man she loved work on the girls comforting.

This is directly linked to emotional memory: inhaling the scent that belongs to your loved one, our thoughts are with him. It soothes us. In that case, if the relationship is in so much discomfort and are associated with only negative memories, and the smell of pleasant feelings will not cause. Rather the opposite: increase nervousness and cause unpleasant emotions.

Did this experiment scientists from the University of Stockholm. Now they claim that the results of such studies carry great practical benefit, because the girls who are in stressful situations and under a lot of stress, enough to smell his native men there to lead your nerves in order.

But recall: it is only in the case of a normal, happy relationship that cause only positive emotions. In the case of a serious quarrel, probably, this method also does not work.

Now these same scientists are engaged in a similar study, only this time, they will explore how the human psyche affects the smell of friends, not a romantic partner.

All this is to ensure that as much detail as possible to understand the connection of smells with our memories, both pleasant and not. As well as mood and General well-being of the body.

Source: Scientists have determined how the smell of men affects women –