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It’s scientifically proven that smell enhances all the other senses and makes living more titillating. Aromatic and alluring scents enhance your home surroundings, and easily help you to create the most luxurious, multi-sensory experience possible. The scenting of one’s home has, indeed, become an art form; albeit, an effortless one.

According to the prominent leader in scent marketing and branding, Aroma360, “fragrance is an accessory that’s often overlooked in the design of a home. But just as important as your choice in furniture, lighting and art work, scent adds depth and character to your home – transforming the ambiance into an inviting and relaxing oasis. As the only sense directly linked to emotions and memories, scent is perhaps the most important facet of a home’s aesthetic; bringing together all the design elements to create a complete experience for whoever walks into your home.”


Smell the rich scent of heating spices, and admire the polished purity of this room, decked in light.


Elevate these already high-end elements and unbeatable views by scenting your home with peppermint, easily elevating your mood and stimulating your mind and body with relaxed vigor.


Enhance those sweet scents of the mountains by including a scent diffuser from Aroma360 in your living room that turns freshness into luxuriousness.


And let’s not forget to celebrate the sweet aroma of the garden. It’s all about stopping to smell the roses, right? Maybe it should be about stopping and savoring the lavender or jasmine instead. Lavender is well-known for its calming effects, easing insomnia; and jasmine has been shown to boost moods and lift spirits instantly.


If you’re in need of a pick-me-up, try scenting your home with some citrus. The fresh smell of citrus has been shown to boost energy and alertness; lemon scents in particular can reduce stress and leave a positive impression on others.


Primarily known as a flavor agent, rosemary has been shown to amplify brain power. Besides these stunning views and chic, contemporary architectural design, having a great memory is the only prerequisite to never forgetting this elegant space.

Source: Scents and Sensitivity: Aromas That Enhance Your Luxury Home

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Random sensory quotes

The olfactory system, anatomically, is right in the middle of the part of the brain that’s very important for memory. There are strong neural connections between the two.

— Donald Wilson