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Resident Produces a Memory-Awakening ‘Smell Kit’

Greenwich resident, Ruth Sutcliffe, created a memory-awakening smell kit to help those affected with Alzheimer’s.

Like a key opening a vault, certain smells can elicit memories of years gone by. The distinct smell of a summertime barbecue, freshly cut grass or popcorn at the movie theater can bring people back to a time and place in their lives and spark conversation.

After dealing with the loss of her mother to a dementia-related illness and seeing her mother-in-law become stricken with the same disease, Greenwich resident Ruth Sutcliffe wanted to tap into the olfactory memory to help those affected by Alzheimer’s and dementia.

“There’s music therapy, art therapy. Why not smell therapy?” she said.

Source: Resident Produces a Memory-Awakening ‘Smell Kit’

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