Rémy Martin: introducing food pairings

Cognac brands Rémy Martin, Hennessy and Martell are offering tastings, virtual-reality experiences and pop-up bars at this year’s Cognac Show, presented by The Whisky Exchange.

Rémy Martin will be showcasing food pairings featuring cheese, ham and chocolate, while a Microsoft HoloLens VR experience will offer viewers the chance to see and smell the cognac. Guests can also head to a pop-up bar to sample a handcrafted Rémy Martin cocktail called the Liquorice Hi-ball.

The Martell room will feature the “Café de Martell”, inviting visitors to try Crêpes Suzette flambéed with Martell Blue Swift with a cocktail, accompanied by French hip hop. Meanwhile, Hennessy will show guests how to craft the perfect cognac cocktail.

The Cognac Show takes place during 26-27 April in London.

Source: Remy Martin, Hennessy and Martell to curate sensory experiences

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