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PMQ will launch the 10th edition of creative festival – deTour 2018, from 30 November to 9 December. The festival, themed “Trial and Error”, will feature a wide spectrum of interactive installations and exhibitions, light projections, digital and multi-sensorial experiences.

deTour 2018, sponsored by CreateHK, aims to be a trigger to spur visitors to ponder some questions on art and design, as well as daily life. “The theme ‘Trial and Error’ encourages designers to make daring experimentations. Whether it is from a renowned and experienced artist or a young emerging designer, works presented at deTour 2018 are innovative and original,” said Shin Wong, the curator.

Six large-scale installations will spread across PMQ— in the Courtyard, on the Rooftop Garden and even on the building windows. One of the highlights is Stéphane Masson’s The Strange Tenants, which will light up after 6 p.m. every evening during deTour 2018. Co-presented with Lumieres Hong Kong, a series of magical moving images of gigantic goldfish, peculiar animals, and quirky faces of public viewers will be projected onto PMQ’s windows.

Some other installations included “Flawless Failure” which is co-designed by KaCaMa Design Lab and thecaveworkshop; and “Project O” which is a soundscape designed by the multidisciplinary artist network Imaginary Machete Swinger (IMS).

In addition to installations, there will also be 11 exhibitions offering participatory, multi-sensory and engaging visual experiences. For example, Matthew Sia, Singaporean graphic and interactive designer, will bring to the festival “White Rabbit, Let’s Play”, a sound-reactive projection mapping installation. The white rabbits, familiar to Hong Kongers as bunnies on the nostalgic milk candy wrappers, are playfully animated to connect with visitors.

Also, WE-DESIGNS’s Sensorial Estates: Hyper-Density vs Public-Privacy will employ scents of shopping malls and the harbour from metals and fuels, to explore the overcrowded state of Hong Kong’s living environment and the delineation between the city’s private and public spaces.

Along with the exhibitions and installations, deTour 2018 will provide a series of activities for the public. Apart from Design Dialogues featuring creatives, more than 30 workshops on handcrafting, art-making and up-cycling will be launched.

Source: PMQ to run the 10th edition of creative festival deTour | Marketing Interactive