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Picture: Herald Sun, Nora Traco Wendt.

SCENT artist Erin Adams is bringing a different dimension to Melbourne Music Week.

Adams will unleash a menu of scents at the MMW event, A Nice Warm Bath, a collaboration of ambient, meditative sounds and sights at the Mission To Seafarers Dome at Docklands this weekend.

“I’m there to enhance the audio and visual experiences,” Adams said. “Smell is a really massive sense that always gets left out of art experiences.

“When you go to a day spa, they often have beautiful smells involved in that experience. How can we do that in a modern and contemporary way to work with amazing visuals and sound, to really surround people in that vibe?”

Adams will use ultrasonic diffusers to pump out the scents, which include sage, orange and cucumber; clove, cinnamon and nutmeg; and cardamom and cannabis flower.

“I’m changing the smells as each sound artist changes,” Adams said. “The smells will evolve and change with the different artworks.”

She hopes the scents heightens the experience for punters.

“It’s not necessarily a conscious thing for a lot of people, but it can connect strangers immediately because they’re all smelling the same thing.”

A Nice Warm Bath opens at 5pm on Saturday.

Source: A sight and sound collaboration that makes scents