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The first Kunsthalle-style museum is being brought to Las Vegas with Museum Fiasco at AREA15.

Kunsthalle-style museums are a non-collection-based museum hosting rotating exhibits. There are currently 14 known Kunsthalle-style museums in the United States, and Museum Fiasco will be the first in Nevada.

Museum Fiasco showcases futuristic exhibits, audio-visual experiences and art in a space that will foster a sense of connectivity for visitors. It is a blank canvas for exhibitions like Cluster, a multi-sensory masterpiece by the incredible group behind Playmodes, that immerses you into a story that is brought to life through technology.

Our first exhibit at Museum Fiasco, Cluster, pushes boundaries in light, technology and creativity in a large-scale audio-visual experience, presenting a dynamic, interactive show that engages the senses.

As the art scene continues to grow in this city, Museum Fiasco believes it’s only appropriate to introduce this non-collection-based museum with rotating exhibits.

Tickets are available on the AREA15 website and reservations are highly encouraged, as we anticipate this exhibit booking out well in advance.

Source: ‘Museum Fiasco’ is the first museum of its kind in Las Vegas | KSNV