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Joe Biden scented candles are the best-selling item at a Delaware museum.

The News Journal reported Thursday that the $22 candles don’t actually smell like the former vice president. They smell like oranges.

Some think they’re hilarious. One person bought six at once, spending $132.

Karen Kegelman of the Delaware History Museum said, “everyone’s like, ‘What does Joe smell like?’ and they have to open it and smell it.”

The museum sold out of its first 50 candles, giving one to Biden’s daughter, Ashley, along the way, Kegelman said. The museum plans to have more candles in stock on Monday.

The museum in Wilmington started selling the candles after seeing them on the e-commerce website Etsy.

A description claims “the only thing standing between you and Joe Biden is … well, basically all the same stuff as before. But at least now you have this great candle!”

The former Democratic senator from Delaware is considered a potential presidential contender in 2020.

Source: Museum Brings the Heat With Joe Biden Scented Candles

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