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Dinner Time Story’s latest pop-up experience, Le Petit Chef, takes diners in the footsteps of Marco Polo as they follow a little, animated chef.

The six-course dining experience features gourmet food from key locations along the Silk Road, as well as Le Petit Chef’s home nation, France.

The multi-sensory experience, including the 3D projections onto the dinner table, aims to “to immerse you mentally and emotionally in a two-hour journey” according to the show’s producer Nadine Beshir.

Beshir explained how “experience is now the name of the game” and that she “hopes to set a trend” between technology and gourmet food.

Throughout the dinner, the food is accompanied with wines and cocktails from hosts TT Liquor that pair with each cuisine.

Source: Multi-sensory dining experience brings 3D projections to the table

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