Soothe your baby or toddler with our award-winning swaddle & cuddle that capture a parent’s familiar heartbeat and soothing smell.

The Hugsy home care product line for bonding with babies is now live on Kickstarter! Hugsy started at first with a ‘smart’ baby swaddle blanket that supports Kangaroo Care and prolongs a parent’s nearness after a baby is back in the crib. Additionally, the Hugsy Cuddle is now introduced on Kickstarter to provide both babies and toddlers with their parent’s familiar scent and soothing heartbeat.

Source: kickstarter

Random sensory quotes

People are always bemoaning the fact that electronic music is finding its way into the mainstream. To me, that’s the best possible thing. It’s going to give us a much bigger platform. It’s going to train people’s ears to these sounds so they can listen to a track even if it doesn’t have vocals.

— Tycho