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The beer brand is selling a trio of limited-edition candles—which also come in “Game Day” and “Beer Garden”—with proceeds going to the hospitality industry.

I love bars, and during the COVID-19 pandemic, I’ve missed them dearly. Granted, we’ve done what we can from home. Beer still exists—even if cans may not be quite as enjoyable as draft. And socialization can still happen—despite Zoom serving as a subpar substitution. But unless you’re willing to let a tub of old beer go stale in the corner and have a stranger wear a mask to come dirty up your bathroom, replicating the scents of a bar is virtually impossible. Thankfully, Miller Lite has come to the rescue.

The original light beer brand is releasing a limited-edition line of “Bar Smells” candles featuring three scents that will put your Yankee to shame: Dive Bar, Game Day Bar, and Beer Garden. All three candles are currently available for preorder at for $20 a pop—and if you’re debating whether to splurge, Miller Lite says that the whole thing supports a good cause.

“While the world finally starts to open back up, many are missing the sights, sounds, and smells of their favorite draft beer and their favorite watering hole. That’s why Miller Lite is releasing a limited line of candles called ‘Bar Smells,’ with all proceeds going to the hospitality industry via the US Bartenders’ Guild Foundation,” explained Carol Krienik, associate marketing manager for Miller Lite. “These candles will make you feel like you’re back at the bar with friends and a cold beer in hand, all while supporting the industry.”

But how is Miller Lite able to replicate these distinct aromas? Dive Bar is billed as offering “top notes of aromatic tobacco [that] mix with familiar brew scents of fermented yeast” before finishing “with bottom notes of musk and pine.” Game Day Bar “mixes top notes of the most ordered bar snacks on game day”—specifically, peanuts and jalapeno—”with the subtle power of comfortable cracked leather.”

Finally, Beer Garden presents a diverse combination: “Let the notes of green moss evoke a day spent outdoors as the scent of tropical sunscreens mixes with the staple garden eats that fill the air. As your nose fills with buttery delight of a fresh-baked pretzel, you can almost feel the splinters from the wooden table that’s older than you, your parents and probably pretzels themselves.”

All three candles promise 50 hours of burn time, so you can revisit the scents of your favorite venue over and over again. Preorders are expected to ship at the end of April.

Source: Miller Lite Made a Scented Candle That Smells Like a Dive Bar | Food & Wine