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How to stand out in today’s crowded automobile dealership market? A Kia dealer in Quebec is using aromachology to greet everyone who comes through its doors, whether to work there or to buy a car, with a signature scent. This innovative concept for the Kia Sherbrooke dealership was created in collaboration with Élixir Marketing Olfactif and Bravad agency.

Aroma marketing
In Canada, only 2% to 3% of companies use aromachology, a new marketing tool that delivers tangible results. According to the Journal of Marketing, people who are exposed to a pleasant scent in a retail environment will increase their appreciation of the store’s design by 20%, and will feel that the space is more colourful. What’s more, an olfactory immersion in a commercial setting can increase impulse purchases by 38%, and the intent to return by 78%.

“Aromachology… allows a company to create an immediate connection with its customers and teams.”

– Christine Chamberland-Beaudoin, president and founder of Élixir Marketing Olfactif

An inspiring and energizing fragrance
To create the bespoke scent for Kia Sherbrooke, Élixir Marketing Olfactif worked in close collaboration with the management team as well as with Bravad agency, which plays an advisory role in innovation marketing for the dealership. The fragrance theme, chosen for its positive and relatable aspects, is that of holidays, sun and escape. The result? “An energizing cocktail of citrus and tropical notes that appeals equally to men and women, that stimulates the senses and instantly fills the air with good vibes,” says Chamberland-Beaudoin.

Focusing on employees
“At Kia Sherbrooke, the well-being of our teams is a top priority,” notes general manager and co-owner Tommy Morissette. “We’ve been working for some time now with regular psychometric testing and constant follow-ups, and we have decided to go even further with aromachology to create a positive atmosphere in the workplace.”

The Kia Sherbrooke fragrance, which has both neurostimulating and soothing effects, is delivered via an automated, fully programmable scent-diffusion system. It is used in the offices and meeting room, as well as in the call centre, where its anti-stress components play a crucial role during intensive sales periods. Its lively notes also have an invigorating effect that is highly appreciated when energy is running low, such as after lunch or toward the end of the day.

Photo: D.Boshouwers

Developed using eco-friendly essential oils, the fragrance also acts as an air purifier, which makes the workplace more pleasant for everyone. “At a time when retaining talent is a major challenge… this type of innovation can make all the difference,” adds Simon Robichaud, account manager and partner at Bravad.

Transforming the purchase experience
The dealership also wanted its customers to enjoy a memorable olfactory experience. For the Kia Sherbrooke team, the acquisition of a car is a unique and special moment, one that should logically take place in a joyful atmosphere. “We naturally associate automobiles with freedom, autonomy, road trips and discoveries,” explains Chamberland-Beaudoin. “Our fragrance amplifies these positive aspects while also conveying the dealership’s values.”

A mobile fragrance
Clients of the dealership are treated to a complete olfactory experience in the showroom as well as in the parts and service area. And the immersion continues during test drives, since the cars are also equipped with individual diffusers. It’s a unique way to reinvent the “new-car smell” concept! Additionally, business cards and sales documents are also imbued with the fragrance, to accompany customers after they leave the premises.

“This initiative helps us better serve our customers while doing something unique for our teams. By doing our utmost to provide a pleasant and stimulating work environment for our employees, we engage them fully in the company’s success.”

– Groupe Beaucage vice-president Mariève Beaucage



Source: Kia dealership in Quebec uses aromachology | Car News | Auto123