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So many of our favorite ‘90s style essentials are back in a big way, because what’s old is somehow new again. From Clueless-inspired style to small sunglasses reminiscent of The Matrix, we’re digging back into our closets for our digs from the decades past. But Katy Perry just upped the ante in a serious way, because she’s bringing back jellies, and this time, they’re scented.

Your favorite trendy summertime shoe has come back around thanks to the “Chained to the Rhythm” singer’s latest designs from her namesake Katy Perry Collection. Perry loves a bold, bright shoe (remember those clown shoes!?), but this time, she’s tugging at the heartstrings of ’90s cool kids everywhere with “The Geli” line, a collection of nine colorful kicks inspired by fruits like watermelon, peach, grape, and strawberry.

Perfect for “tropical adventures and beachside cocktails,” these jelly sandals are perfect for your summer fun, but with a truly 2018 twist. Each style is fruit-scented to match the decorative fruits on the shoe’s toes, reminding us of our scented Mr. Sketch markers from elementary school.

Though the sandals are completely adorable, we definitely have a couple of questions regarding the scent, namely, how long does it last? How strong does it smell? And what happens when our feet get a bit sweaty out in the hot summer sun?

According to online reviews, it seems the scented sandals are, well, pretty sweet, though some mention that the smell feature does wear off in time… as expected. But for a cool $49, it’s not the worst way to bring back your childhood memories for a season.

If you love the look of the jellies but don’t want to smell like a basket of fruit, Perry has designed equally cute non-scented options, inspired by frozen treats like a snow cone, an ice cream sundae, and yes, an orange popsicle, all for $59.

Source: Katy Perry Is Releasing Fruit-Scented Jelly Sandals and They’re Already Selling Out