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It is a result that they had already verified before through sensory studies, but now they have done it again with a new system: virtual reality.

The researchers introduced participants to a virtual subway car with different number of passengers, between 35 and 150 people, in random trips of 60, 70 and 80 seconds.

In this video you can see what the virtual environment was like, quite realistic. Let’s not forget that the virtual reality show the stage in real size and in 3DYes, it is much more realistic than a video:

Once the virtual trip was over, the participants were asked their level of comfort, and how long they thought the trip had lasted.

The subjects who had traveled in the most crowded subway cars, assured, on average, that the trip had lasted 10% longer than the actual time which took time to complete. Furthermore, those who had felt uncomfortable increased this percentage to and 20%.

“Crowding creates feelings of stress, and that makes a trip seem longer,” the study concludes.

The researchers advise companies transport that they avoid crowds on their journeys, because that makes the trip seem eternal for people, and they have the feeling that they have wasted a lot of timeor have felt uncomfortable.

Another interesting aspect of this study is that the virtual reality to carry out. This opens the doors to new experiments where virtual reality can replace expensive scenarios that would be too complicated or too expensive to simulate in the real world.

So, now you know, you are not alone: ​​in the metro or the crowded busthe weather elapses slower.

Source: It’s not just you: time runs slower on a crowded subway or bus, according to science – Ruetir