You are invited to step inside a giant hive to communicate with bees.The Hive is a multi-sensory experience designed to highlight the life of bees. A feat of British engineering, it stands 17 metres tall and is set in a wild flower meadow. It is the design of UK based artist Wolfgang Buttress and originally created for the UK Pavilion at the 2015 Milan Expo.

The role of bees in the global food chain is crucial. This artwork, set in Royal Botanic Kew Gardens in London, is meant to be the intermediary between them and us. Composed of 170,000 assembled pieces of aluminium and 1,000 LED lights, The Hive is connected to a real beehive and reproduces its activity in real time.

Source: Inside the bee hive | LivingIt

Random sensory quotes

Now, look. Now, I seen the woman; my sense of sight said she was there. Then I knew she was there by the sense of sight. I closed my eyes; I didn’t have sight. Then I felt her, and the sense of feeling said she was there. The sense of feeling was just as direct as the sense of sight, because it was a direct evidence. Now, faith is a direct evidence of things not seen, felt, taste, smelled, or heard. Now, look here. I’m going to close my eyes now.

— Rev. William Marrion Branham