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AmazeVR, a premium, cloud-based platform for high-quality VR content, today announced the launch of a groundbreaking immersive concert solution to facilitate the production and distribution of virtual music experiences that can be viewed online and at ticketed activations. Combining high-resolution live-action video, stereoscopic CG elements, and haptic motion, this cutting edge multi-sensory experience incorporates the best of live music performance with the power of virtual reality. The new offering is designed to make it safe and easy for artists to produce dynamic VR shows for their fans at a time when large gatherings remain prohibited due to COVID-19. AmazeVR collaborated with Roc Nation’s R&B/Hip-hop duo Ceraadi to develop its first immersive concert which will debut this fall. The company has invested nearly 10 million dollars in its latest innovative solution.

“I think for any artist, COVID has presented crazy challenges in terms of sharing their music and connecting with fans,” said Emaza Gibson of Ceraadi. “We’re always looking for ways to provide good energy and make people happy, and right now positive vibes are more important than ever. We can’t wait for people to see the show we’ve come up with. AmazeVR set us loose to bring it in a way that’s never been done while still keeping everyone safe.”

Working at the forefront of VR, AmazeVR has developed sophisticated technologies, which include industry-leading custom cameras, a proprietary VFX pipeline, and motion data-tracking technology to incorporate dynamic movement that make it remarkably simple to deliver high-touch experiences without requiring significant time from talent. Artists are needed for just 1-2 days compared to several months they spend preparing for and going out on tour.

“The music industry has yet to be well-represented within the VR landscape, and we see limitless potential for artists and labels to create something unique,” said Steve Lee, CEO of AmazeVR. “At the same time, this is VR’s moment as people are spending more time at home than ever before, craving new ways to experience the world. Music presents a tremendous opportunity to introduce VR to new audiences. AmazeVR’s technology combined with content and vision from Ceraadi will deliver beautiful, creative, and entertaining experiences that allow people to step outside of their current reality.”

The move into music comes after AmazeVR has already secured several marquee partnerships, including deals with two of the top immersive entertainment studios, Atlas V and Felix & Paul Studios, as well as the right to distribute experiences with the ultramodern LED dance-performance troupe, Light Balance, best known for its “golden buzzer-winning” performance and top-three finish on America’s Got Talent.

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About AmazeVR

Founded by a team of seasoned technology leaders, AmazeVR offers an end-to-end VR content service. The company shares its platform and technology with passionate creators and various partners.

With custom equipment/tools, proprietary software, and a hands-on team, Amaze develops, curates, and produces VR content for those who want to be a part of the next wave of content creation. AmazeVR content is distributed through all major VR stores. The company is backed by Mirae Asset Group, LG Technology Ventures, Timewise Investment, and Smilegate Investment. It is based in Sunnyvale, California, with additional offices in West Hollywood. Learn more at

About Ceraadi

Ceraadi is a Los Angeles-based R&B/Hip-hop duo made up of sisters Emaza and Saiyr. After gaining a large fanbase from their “Lit Youtube Playlists”, Ceraadi independently released two singles, “Active” and “Kung Pao”, in the summer of 2018 which caught the attention of Roc Nation. Shortly after their independent releases, the sisters debuted “Ceraadi’s Playlist” featuring “Loyal”, “That’s What She’d Say” and “Dumbstruck”. Following the success of their 2019 EP, Ceraadi dropped their first single of 2020, “Secure the Bag”. Their online presence has amassed an audience exceeding 1.9 million Instagram followers, 1 million YouTube subscribers, and 50 million YouTube views by January of 2020. Their dance challenges and YouTube “Playlists” typically crack the one million mark and major brands have enlisted them for high-profile social campaigns.

Source: In Wake of COVID-19, AmazeVR Launches Immersive Concert Solution to Take Virtual Music Experiences to the Next Level