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As the first sensory digital art exhibition created by GeeksArt, ten digital artworks will be initially shown on this exhibition including: Door of perception, Less ego is more, Wavelet kinetic, Nature neuron, Eternity in your eyes, There is the moutain, Phantom field, The flow of metabolism, The plankton, and Deep space.

By exploring science with art and presenting art with science, Expect the Unexpected aims to establish an immersive science and art space and invites you to join an unpredictable journey.

The exhibition would create an immersive space includes the universe, nature, cities and etc. elements by using the digital technology such as sensing, networks, light and sound. By using such technologies, the universe and the nature could be turned into living art, and the audiences could gain a sense of the continuity of the fantacy world, that they do not usually perceive and therefore to trigger them thinking about their inner world, the relationship between human and the society.

GeeksArt Team is composed of a group of international talents from multiple fields such as artists, curatior, programmer, engineers, technoloy developers and etc. This young geek group who always pursue the perfection insists on focusing on the design of public interactive installation and creative interactive display. The artists hope to use new thinking,new technology and new form to make connections between people, information, spaces and objects to create a multi-sensory interactive experience.

They believe that digital art has to focus on the audiences and they are always looking for a balance between technologies and human. They hope to use the new technologies to empower the audiences or support the creation of new expenences. Their aesthetics are therefore always trying to utilize universally shared human motifs: the physical and emotional experience of light, sound and touch; the universal beauty and power of nature; behaviors and motions that they recognize intrinsically or trigger archetypal associations.

Digital technological is the carrier of artistic expression, while art is a medium for expressing feelings. The increasingly new media technology has broadened the categories of art and brought people a multi-dimensional immersive artistic experience. GeeksArt believes that the experiences based on digital technology should not only have physical reactions but also emotional communications.

GeeksArt aims to broaden the way people perceive art through this exhibition. With immersion of the body into the artwork, the boundary between the self and the artwork becomes ambiguous, and therefore, the boundary between human and the world begins to disappear.

In addition, GeeksArt hopes that all the audiences could experience the exhibition interactively so that everyone could have an individual idea about the art and finally to arouse the audiences to think about their inner world and the unpredictable future.

As the first humanities and art landmark located in the urban green highland, The Mountain View together with Expect the Unexpected is going to be most eye-catching art label, and would bring the citizens a brand new cultual consumption experience and also enhance the feelings of life and aesthetics as well. Let’s expect all the unexpected.

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Source: Immersive Digital Art Exhibition: Expect The Unexpected Opening Soon In Shenzhen – Press Release – Digital Journal