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There is nothing quite like heading to your favorite ballpark, watching the game, opting for some excellent food or drink and, of course, the aroma of the whole experience. And for diehard fans—let’s say Yankees, Cubs or Dodgers—it feels like home.

So if you’ve ever wanted to bottle up the scent and say pair it with your working from home, reading a good book, or watching a game from the comfort of your couch, Homesick’s latest candle collection is likely ideal.

The MLB Collection is a line of six candles themed to some of the most iconic ballparks. Busch StadiumDodger StadiumFenway ParkOracle ParkWrigley Field and Yankee Stadium are all represented. You take your pick, pay $39 and get the scent of that ballpark right in your home.

Homesick has plenty of experience crafting candles. They’re known for ones that match states, take you to a Galaxy Far, Far Away, and match moments like a wedding or a birthday party.

For the $39 price, you get a 13.75-ounce candle which Homesick says will burn for about 60 to 80 hours. In my usage, they’ve lasted for weeks. The Yankee Stadium candle presents sweets first with what smells like milkshakes and sugar that turns into stadium materials like cement and the clay on the diamond.

Most of these will end up with the last third of the burn taking you down to the field. Homesick notes that it is “fresh grass, red clay, steel, and cement” for many of these. Oracle Park would be a close second, especially paired with a lovely summer meal to set the scene. It has some zesty notes like lemon and orange that then turn savory.

If you’re looking to pair the ballpark candle with the city or state it resides in, Homesick is bundling the two together (like Oracle Park and San Francisco or Fenway Park and Boston) for a reduced price of $61.60. Whether you bundle or not, that glass that holds the candle can be cleaned and used for myriad things after it has run dry.

The complete MLB Collection is available from Homesick now, and while we won’t guarantee it can help your team win, it’s always good to be a little superstitious … even when watching from home.

Busch Stadium ($39;

Dodger Stadium ($39;

Fenway Park ($39;

Oracle Park ($39;

Wrigley Field ($39;

Yankee Stadium ($39;

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