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Hennessy debuts Ridley Scott directed short film taking viewers on a sensorial odyssey
* The “7 Worlds” campaign is a visual metaphor for the layered taste experience of Hennessy X.O
* Scott looks to bring entertainment back to advertising with a kaleidoscopic showcase that invites consumers on an organoleptic journey
* “7 Worlds” will air at the 91st annual Oscars; a celebration of the very best in entertainment

Each drop of Hennessy X.O is an odyssey, an endless discovery of flavors
* Complementary palate sensations make up Hennessy X.O’s rich and powerful profile
* A multi-sensory experience
* “7 Worlds” features seven individual “taste-scapes”: sweet notes, rising heat, spicy edge, flowing flame, chocolate lull, wood crunches and infinite echo, based on the taste journey of X.O, as defined by the Hennessy Tasting Committee

Like Hennessy, Ridley Scott possesses a pioneering, innovative and entrepreneurial spirit
* Scott pushes the limits of potential by bringing an unsurpassed level of imagination and technological CGI innovation to Hennessy X.O’s new “7 Worlds” creative
* Hennessy X.O innovated the Cognac category in 1870 with the creation of the world’s first Extra Old blend
* Scott returned to advertising for first time in 15 years to work with Hennessy [to create entertainment] demonstrating his Never stop. Never settle. spirit

Hennessy X.O is the original “Extra Old” Cognac
* The very first Cognac called, “X.O” or Extra Old
* Created by Maurice Hennessy in 1870 to enjoy with family and friends; In 2020 Hennessy X.O will celebrate its 150th anniversary
* Hennessy X.O established the X.O category of Cognac

Consumers’ desire for premium brown spirits continues; Hennessy X.O continues to grow
* Consumers have made Hennessy the world’s best-selling Cognac
* Hennessy X.O has shown double digit year over year growth
* Consumers have an appreciation for Hennessy’s heritage, authenticity and craftsmanship
* Hennessy X.O is best enjoyed neat or on the rocks

Hennessy offers a robust collection of fine Cognacs
* Hennessy has a range of fine Cognacs for different consumer tastes, preferences and occasions
* Hennessy believes in taking consumers on a journey through the portfolio

Source: Hennessy Collaborates with Sir Ridley Scott to Offer Consumers a Visually Stunning Journey Through the “7 Worlds” of Hennessy X.O – Food & Beverage Magazine