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Multisensory – Future of storytelling – Touch, smell, hear & see the story

The future of storytelling takes center stage at a technology festival on Staten Island. As NY1’s Shannan Ferry explains, the event is dubbed the largest of its kind in the world.Evan Yionoulis feels like she’s been transformed into a tree. A virtual reality headset, a vest, and sensors “transport her” to a rain forest. Her arms feel like tree branches, her body is the trunk, and she smells foliage. “There was really a progression and you really felt like you were there as this tree growing over the life of a tree,” she said.This virtual reality experience is one of more than 100 exhibits at the 2017 Future of Storytelling Festival.The three day event showcases a variety of technologies, from augmented reality to interactive installations that enable multi-sensory storytelling.

Source: Future of Storytelling Festival comes to Staten Island’s Snug Harbor Cultural Center