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The ‘Fragrance of Colors’ initiative enables blind and visually impaired chidren identify colors through smell.  The founder of the initiative Sohail Baqain is helping them express themselves through art by giving every color a specific smell to help them pick the one they want.

Fragrance of Colors made the color red smell like cherries and apples, green like mint, yellow like lemon, among many other colors and scents.

Baqain said “Blind people could identify colors through smell, we made yellow smell like lemon, green like mint, and brown like cinnamon, we made a smell for every color so they can imagine it because imagination is the home of creativity. If there is no imagination and creativity, the process will not develop, we are working on expanding his perception and imagination.”

One of the children Maya Khaled Jadaan said, “I distinguish the basic colors red, yellow, and blue without smell, but with the smell, I can distinguish the colors better. I mean, for example, this color is orange because it smells like orange, and this color is green because it smells like mint, so everything has its smell.”

Source: ‘Fragrance of Colors’ initiative enables | Roya News