Forest Bathing | The concept of experiencing all of your senses while strolling in the woods has significant wellness rewards.

A Washington Post article reported that an EPA survey found on average, Americans spend 87% of their time indoors, and 6% inside a closed vehicle. Turns out, the time you spend outside promotes health and has been linked to lower stress levels, improved working memory, and a positive mood.If you are a city-dweller and don’t have regular access to the deep woods, even urban nature areas according to the Journal of Environmental Psychology can have positive influence on mood and boost your immune system.

Source: Forest Bathing is Good for Life and Career | HuffPost

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Sometimes a scent is more evocative than a photo or an image. It is a primer for the deflagration of sensation, emotions, desires, uncontrollable atmospheres, dejavus that flood and wrap us like honey, until they make us drown in an unrepeatable moment of wellbeing… olfactory hallucinations that lead us anywhere: to the North of any South, to the East of any West…