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Choir of 50,000 bees to create a buzz at Coventry Cathedral, mixed with scents & visuals

Unusual concert will see professional musicians join bees and a community choir. Accelerometers – devices which are sensitive to tiny vibrations – will be used to live stream the sounds from the bee hive into the cathedral during the performance.Footage from the hive will appear on a screen. Scented candles will be burnt to create a multi-sensory performance.

At the end of the concert the musicians will pack up and go home but the bees will stay in their hive to play a vital role in pollinating plants in the city centre.

Source: Choir of 50,000 bees to create a buzz at Coventry Cathedral – Coventry Telegraph

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It’s of course important to mention that when DJing, I’m building my own story through the music. I’m figuring out what song to play next, what song to play after that, and how the two will blend together. How the emotion is going to develop from one song to another. So I first build that storyline.

— Steve Aoki