You don’t need to say much more than Perrier-Jouët and 12-Micron in the same sentence to get our attention, but wait until we tell you what the duo have running in Sydney’s Barangaroo this Vivid season.

The globally renowned French Champagne House has partnered with one of Sydney’s top fine-dining restaurants to deliver a unique, multi-sensory dining experience dubbed ‘Dining in the Dark’.

And it’s quite literally just that. The establishment’s private dining room has been overhauled into a beautiful space of light (and lack thereof) that echoes the city this time of year, essentially creating its own Vivid spectacle within the walls of the restaurant itself. Diners are presented with five scrumptious courses each paired to a different drop from Perrier-Jouët.


While we won’t spoil the surprise, let’s just say that the menu, designed by 12-Micron’s Executive Chef Daniel Corbett, will use darkness to heighten diner’s senses of taste, smell and sound to play with the flavours of the food and champagne. A favourite of ours was the pinnacle of the PJ roster, the always elegant Perrier-Jouët Belle Époque Rosé Vintage matched with a scrummy savoury main course.

Source: Fine Dining With A Dark Twist At 12-Micron & Perrier-Jouët’s Vivid Experience

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