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On July 25, FILA took fashion influencers and enthusiasts on an exploratory tour for the brand’s “Explore” pop-up in New York City. Taking place in SoHo, the event viscerally interpreted four eco-inspired environments, including Canyon, Mountain, Woods and Elements. As part of the multi-sensory experience, guests in attendance were among the first to discover FILA’s outdoor-inspired “Explore” collection while being treated to themed bites and four custom cocktails from Diageo, inspired by each of the four environments represented in the limited-edition line.

To further enhance the themed pop-up, FILA partnered with Perfumarie and created ambient scents for the Canyon collection, incorporating notes of warm amber resins, weathered leather and precious woods, while the Mountain was bottled with notes of icy snow, eucalyptus, pine and fir. Additionally, tunes from DJ Mick filled the space while guests received aura readings from Giaura Fenris, prompting attendees to customize their own FILA “Explore” bandana, based on their personal reading.

Click through the gallery to see how the pop-up came to life and experience FILA’s New York pop-up for yourself. The pop-up is currently open at 428 Broadway until August 11. Additional FILA “Explore” pop-ups are also open in Los Angeles, China, Japan, India, and Greece, with UK, Korea and Brazil set to launch later this summer.

Source: FILA “Explore” New York Event Recap | HYPEBAE