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In conjunction with the symposium, “Test Sites: Experiments in the History of Space”, the California College of the Arts (CCA) Architecture Division will stage the first exhibition devoted exclusively to the recent works of artisans and historians who harness scents, essences and fragrances in the reconstruction and preservation of historical spaces — An Olfactory Archive. — California College of the Arts

Probably the most under-appreciated sense in the experiential toolbox (unless you count proprioception), smell is often maligned by aesthetic criticism as too ephemeral, too fleeting, to substantiate anything meaningful. But what if it opened the nostrils and minds of the sniffers to imagine architectural space in a new way, or represent a place’s atmosphere as it once was? An Olfactory Archive: 1100 – 1969, presented by the Architecture Division at California College of the Arts (CCA) in San Francisco, explores the atmosphere of historical spaces through smell, in an exhibition that displays reconstructed scents authored by perfumers, architects and artists (and others) who have all worked with smell in the recent past.

The work is part of Test SItes: Experiments in the History of Space. A selection of the featured scents is as follows:

Curated by CCA’s David Gissen and Irene Cheng,  the exhibition will have its opening reception Friday, October 11 and be on display through the 13th. Exhibition design is also by CCA faculty, Brian Price and Matt Hutchinson.

Click here for more information on the event.

Source: Experimental architecture history exhibits spaces with smell | News | Archinect